Change capital

The capital we have raised has helped our clients transform their business, and in some cases even put them in business:


raised by established managers seeking new sources of capital


raised by funds that achieved 2x growth or more on prior fund size


raised by first time funds and emerging strategies

Diverse experience

HealthCare Royalty Partners

  • HealthCare Royalty Partners IV, L.P.
  • January 2020

European Advisor



  • Fengate Core Infrastructure Fund III
  • May 2019

Global advisor



  • March 2019

Global Advisor



  • Core Infrastructure Fund II
  • February 2019

Global Advisor



  • Tiger Infrastructure Partners Fund II
  • January 2019

Global Advisor



  • InfraRed Infrastructure Fund V
  • November 2018

Global Placement Agent



  • Discontinued Business Investment Opportunities II
  • June 2018

Global Advisor


Thor Equities

  • Thor Programmatic Joint Venture
  • January 2018

Global Advisor



  • StepStone Real Estate Partners III, L.P.
  • February 2017

Global Advisor


Rockwood Capital

  • Rockwood Capital Real Estate Partners Fund X, L.P.
  • January 2017

European Advisor



  • Mirova Core Infrastructure Fund
  • July 2016

Global Advisor


Arch Capital

  • Arch Capital – TRG Asian Partners III, LP
  • June 2016

European Advisor


Dalmore Capital

  • 4 Funds and Associated Vehicles
  • September 2015

Global advisor



  • Landmark Real Estate Fund VII
  • May 2015

European advisor



  • CapMan Nordic Real Estate FCP-SIF
  • March 2015

European advisor


Renshaw Bay

  • Renshaw Bay Real Estate Fund LP (and related entities)
  • February 2015

Global advisor


AMP Capital

  • AMP Capital Infrastructure Debt Fund II LP
  • November 2014

European advisor


HealthCare Royalty Partners

  • Healthcare Royalty Partners III, L.P. (and affiliated entities)
  • April 2014

European advisor


OFI InfraVia

  • InfraVia European Fund II
  • January 2014

Global advisor (excl. France)


ICG Longbow

  • ICG-Longbow UK Real Estate Debt Investments III, Sarl
  • June 2013

Global advisor


Arch Capital

  • Arch Capital – TRG Asian Partners LP
  • September 2012

European advisor



  • Amstar Global Property Fund II, LP
  • June 2012

Global advisor


Lloyds Bank

  • Lloyds Bank UK Infrastructure Partners, Lloyds Bank European Infrastructure Partners, Lloyds Bank Global Infrastructure Partners
  • April 2012

Global advisor


Westport Capital Partners

  • Westport Capital Partners Real Estate Fund III, LP
  • March 2012

European advisor



  • ArcLight Energy Partners Fund V
  • October 2011

European advisor


  • Credit
  • Private Equity
  • Real Assets
  • Real Estate