A leader in specialist products

Threadmark excels in raising capital for innovative strategies. We like to represent managers that seek to unlock value through a differentiated approach to investment.

This may include opportunities in emerging sectors, as well as disruptive strategies in established markets. We are particularly effective at explaining complex products. We are perceived by investors as sophisticated counterparties, valued for our knowledge and perspective.

Highly experienced team, outstanding track record

Threadmark’s greatest asset is its team. We draw on a combined experience of over 220 years in capital raising and related activities. Our people come from a wide range of backgrounds, including significant experiences as fund managers, investors, accountants, corporate financiers and communications specialists, as well as capital raisers.

This breadth of knowledge enables us to understand products better, and to communicate them more effectively to investors. As a result we have enjoyed outstanding success for our clients, raising over $30 billion for over 50 vehicles since 2010.

Strong focus on value-add services

Threadmark strives to add value in every aspect of its services. We are exceptional sales people, but we are not just about distribution. We typically provide transformative capital; whether it is helping an established manager access a new investor base, helping a developing manager make the next big step in growing their platform, or helping a manager raise capital for a new strategy, we can make it happen.

We add strategic value to both product and process, working with our clients to create the optimal product, and crafting a tailored marketing campaign designed to maximise efficiency. We also frequently work with first time managers. We have advised on everything from organisational structure and recruiting the right team to establishing and enhancing investment and portfolio management processes and procedures.

Solely motivated by (long-term) success

As an independent firm exclusively focused on capital raising, Threadmark operates free from conflicts of interest. We have no other business lines, and no external shareholders to satisfy. We have one motivation: to achieve a successful raise.

We do not take on clients unless we have confidence that the project will be successful. However, success for us is not just measured in capital raised, but in the quality of services delivered and the enduring relationships we have built. We place our clients’ interests first, but we are always mindful of the interests of investors too. We take a long-term perspective on our business; we place our investor relationships at the heart of our firm and guard them jealously. A successful raise is therefore one which results in a strong long-term partnership between client and investor.

Our areas of focus

Real Assets

Infrastructure, energy, core capital assets and commodities

Threadmark is one of the pre-eminent real assets placement firms. We have completed over 20 capital raises since 2011. Our experience includes strategies ranging from long-term, yield focused vehicles covering PPPs, senior and junior infrastructure debt through to upstream oil and gas opportunities in North America and emerging markets infrastructure, and everything in between.

Real Estate

Core, value-added and opportunistic equity and debt

Threadmark is one of the pre-eminent real estate placement firms. Our experience includes strategies ranging from unitranche and subordinated debt, pan-European and North American equity through to emerging markets equity, secondary and development focused opportunities.


Senior debt, junior debt, direct lending, mezzanine and distressed

Threadmark was an early entrant in the emerging asset class of private credit. Our experience ranges from ‘traditional’ senior and junior debt strategies through to specialist financing, insurance, royalties and ‘loan to own’ strategies.

Private Equity

Buyouts, growth capital, secondaries and special situations

Threadmark has a strong track record of raising capital for innovative and differentiated private equity strategies. These strategies have focused on jurisdictions ranging from North America and Europe to emerging markets.